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Spek is an acoustic spectrum analyser written in C and C++. It uses FFmpeg libraries for audio decoding and wxWidgets for the GUI.

Spek is available on *BSD, GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Find out more about Spek on its website: http://spek.cc/

Spek 0.8.2 - Released 2013-02-24

New Features And Enhancements

Spek 0.8.2 is part of beta 0.x releases, leading up to a stable 1.0 release (hopefully) later this year. The roadmap is available on GitHub.

New features since 0.7:

  • Adjustable spectral density range (#4).
  • Switched from GTK+ to wxWidgets for better Windows and OS X integration.
  • Single .exe version for Windows.
  • Added translations in 11 more languages (totalling 19).
  • Open .opus audio files (#39).


  • Switched to .xz tarballs.
  • Split out libspek and added unit tests.
  • 24-bit APE support (upstream fix).
  • Better toolbar icons on Windows and OS X (#21).
  • Installer options for app shortcuts on Windows (#1).
  • Associate with audio/video files on OS X (#2).
  • Online manual (#24).
  • Use non-deprecated FFmpeg decoding API.
  • Moved downloads to Google Code since GitHub no longer offers downloads (#38).
  • Compatibility with retina-based Macs (#32).


  • Fixed crash when the preferences file is not writable.
  • Fixed crash when the home directory is not writable.
  • Fixed duration and rendering for some video files.
  • Fixed compilation with newer FFmpeg and libav versions.
  • Proper handling of Unicode file names under Windows (upstream fix).
  • Don't lock the input file on Windows (#26).
  • Fixed mapping of the spectral density into the palette.
  • Fix magnitude calculation for the first and the last frequency band.
  • Support planar sample formats (#44).

Sources / Packages

Spek 0.8.2 tarball:

Windows and Mac OS X binaries:

Unix packages:


  • wxWidgets >= 2.8
  • A recent version of FFmpeg or libav
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