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Updated: 2018-04-04 20:40


#Nai:ve GoDec Implementation

Implementaiton of the following paper (referred as Nai:ve GoDec) GoDec: Randomized Low-rank & Sparse Matrix Decomposition in Noisy Case, Tianyi Zhou, Dacheng Tao, ICML2011 http://www.icml-2011.org/papers/41_icmlpaper.pdf

##Build Uses c++0x features. May require gcc 4.6.0 or higher to build. Eigen 3.0.1 (http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/) or higher is required. (Maybe work with Eigen 3.0.0 but not checked.)

git clone git@github.com:niam/godec.git
cd godec
./waf configure
./waf build


build/src/godec -r 10 -k 100 hogehoge.png

This creates L.png, S.png, X.png, and LpS.png.

  • X.png: original image automatically grayscaled.
  • L.png: L in GoDec.
  • S.png: S in GoDec.
  • LpS.png: L+S in GoDec.

##License I used stb_image.c and stb_image_write.c, an image library claimed to be public domain. See http://nothings.org/ for details. Everything else other than this library is under New BSD License. I implemented for research use. I do NOT know patent issues on GoDec. I have never investigated them. Beaware with patent issues for commercial use.


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