Created: 2011-07-15 23:38
Updated: 2016-03-20 13:19


Hacker News Mobile Interface

This is a simple implementation of the most bare-bones version of Hacker News, mobile optimized.


The following features exist, to some extent.

  • Mobile optimized interface for home and news items page
  • iOS home screen icon


  1. Deploy files to server.
  2. Edit the $base_url path to point to your installation location.
  3. Visit your installed version.

Things That Don't Work

The following features do not work, as this was a 2-hour unofficial hack.

  • Login
  • Commenting
  • Voting


This is an extremely limited proof of concept, designed to simplify the experience of browsing Hacker News only. Forging auth was beyond the scope of the proof of concept, so therefore commenting and voting are out. One could argue that removing the concept of voting and commenting from Hacker News invalidates the purpose of it, and I wouldn't necessarily argue with that, but providing an easier browsing experience was the primary purpose of this hack, and at that it excels.

Please feel free to contribute.

Sincerely, apartm.net

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