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Updated: 2018-06-15 07:44

MPlayer Scrobbler {#readmeTitle}

A command line application that plays audio files with MPlayer and scrobbles them to Supports mp3, mp4, flac and ogg. {#description}

Usage <glob>



  • run to compile taginfo
  • run (might need sudo) to install as /usr/local/bin/mplayerlastfm and as /usr/local/bin/
    or Install in your $PATH e.g '/usr/local/bin/m' for easy use, also put taginfo in your $PATH

Set these variables before running to set your preferences.

LASTFM_PLAYER        default mplayer
TAGINFO              default taginfo
LASTFM_SUBMIT        default lastfmsubmit
SCROBBLER_ECHO       default true
DISPLAY_TRACK_INFO   default true

Allows the user to choose which directory to play using if the directory contains 4 directories, album 1, album 2, album 3, album 4 then running will result in:

1) Album 1    3) Album 3  
2) Album 3    4) Album 4

Where the user type the number e.g 3 to pick Album 3. It play recursively all files in the directory.

Set these variables before running to set your preferences.

MPLAYER_LASTFM default mplayerlastfm
MPN_DIR        defualt $HOME/Music

MPN_DIR is directory to play from.


  • q' interrupts only playback of current file; press and hold ctrl-C to skip.
    Even if you skip file immediately with Enter or 'q' it will scrobble


  • There is also a version that works like a deamon in the Deamon directory, it has a lot more prerequisites but is more efficient and has extra features and is less tested see in the Daemon directory for details.
  • Allows going to the previous track.
  • Allows saving volume settings.
  • Allow printing of current track info.

MediaKeys (Mac OSX only)

See MediaKeyHelper to control MPlayer with the mediakeys (F7, F8, F9) on a mac keyboard.


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


  • Bilal Hussain
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