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Soap client for the Yodlee API. Supports version 10.2.


# Gemfile
gem 'yodlee_api', :git => "git@github.com:OtoAnalytics/yodlee_api.git"

QuickStart Guide:

  1. create a global config and put it somewhere like config/environment.rb
YodleeApi.configure do |config| 
  config.application_id = "APP_ID" 
  config.cobrand_id = "COBRAND_ID"
  config.cobrand_login = "COBRAND_USERNAME"
  config.cobrand_password = "COBRAND_PASSWORD"
  config.locale = {:country => "US", :language => "en"} # optional
  config.tnc_version = 1 # optional
  config.endpoint = "https://some/endpoint/here"
  1. Create a client and log in to the CobrandLoginService
client = YodleeApi::CobrandLogin.new

If you don't have a global config, then you need to specify credentials and your endpoint. All fields are required unless commented as optional

credentials = YodleeApi::CobrandCredentials.new(
  :cobrand_id => "YOUR_COBRAND_ID",
  :application_id => "YOUR_APPLICATION_ID",
  :cobrand_login => "YOUR_COBRAND_USERNAME",
  :cobrand_password => "YOUR_COBRAND_PASSWORD",
  :locale => = {:country => "US", :language => "en"}, # optional
  :tnc_version => 1 # optional

endpoint = "https://some/endpoint/here"
client = YodleeApi::CobrandLogin.new(endpoint, credentials)
  1. Create user credentials (email is only required for registration)
user_creds = YodleeApi::UserCredentials.new(:email => "foo@bar.com", :login_name => "foobarone", :password => "foobartwo1")

4a) Register the user and log in

registration_manager = YodleeApi::UserRegistration.new(client.cobrand_context, user_creds)

4b) If you already have a user with those credentials, log in instead

login_manager = YodleeApi::UserLogin.new(client.cobrand_context, user_creds) 
  1. Create a content service request to get the list of supported sites and their login forms
services = YodleeApi::ContentServices.new(client.cobrand_context)

# Fetch the sites list for a container type

# you can also specify an array of container_types, see YodleeApi::ContentServices::SupportedContainerTypes for a list of valid types
service.get_content_services(["bank", "credits"])
  1. Access the sites list. The sites will be stored an array of hashes with keys :content_service_id, :site_name, :organization_name and :login_form

=> { 
    :site_name=>"WT Direct", 
    :organization_name=>"Wilmington Trust", 
    :login_form =>
        {:name=>"PASSWORD", :displayName=>"Password", :isEditable=>"true", ... :fieldErrorCode=>""}, # each hash is a form field
        {:name=>"LOGIN", :displayName=>"User ID", :isEditable=>"true",... :fieldErrorCode=>""}, 
        {:name=>"OP_OPTIONS", :displayName=>"Question1", :isEditable=>"true", :isOptional=>"true", :isEscaped=>"false", :isOptionalMFA=>"false", :isMFA=>"false", 
          :validValues=>["city were you born in", "first name of the best man at your wedding", ... "name of your first pet"], 
          :displayValidValues=>["What city were you born in?", ... "What was the name of your first pet?"], 
          :valueIdentifier=>"OP_OPTIONS", :valueMask=>"LOGIN_FIELD", :fieldType=>"OPTIONS", :size=>"20", :maxlength=>"40", :fieldErrorCode=>""}, 
        {:name=>"OP_LOGIN3", :displayName=>"Answer1", :isEditable=>"true", ... :fieldErrorCode=>""}, 
  1. Display the content services to a user and grab input for the appropriate login form. Implementation will vary.

  2. Create an array of credential fields for the content service provider the user has chosen

credential_fields = [
  YodleeApi::CredentialFields.new(:name => "LOGIN", :display_name => "Online ID",  ..., :value => "fooooobarr", ... ),
  YodleeApi::CredentialFields.new(:name => "PASSWORD", :display_name => "Passcode",  ..., :value => "1234foobarr", ... ),
  YodleeApi::CredentialFields.new(:name => "", :display_name => "Verify Passcode",  ..., :value => "1234foobarr", ... ) 
  1. Add an account for the user
item_manager = YodleeApi::ItemManagement.new
# this method expects a user context (from registration_manager or login_manager), a content service id and an array of credential fields 
# corresponding to the fields in that content service's login form
item_manager.add_account_for_content_service(login_manager.user_context, 2931, credential_fields)
  1. Start an account refresh
refresh_service = YodleeApi::RefreshService.new(login_manager.user_context)
  1. Poll the refresh service until item is done refreshing
loop do
  break if refresh_service.is_item_refreshing(item_manager.item_id) == false
  sleep 2
  1. Get the refresh info and proceed if status code is 0
info_hash = refresh_service.get_refresh_info
status_code = info_hash["statusCode"].to_i

if status_code == 0
  # success, proceed to step 14
elsif status_code == 402
  # invalid credentials, present login form to user to try again and proceed to step 13
  1. Update credentials if user passed in incorrect credentials and go back to step 10
item_manager.update_credentials_for_item(login_manager.user_context, item_manager.item_id, credential_fields)
  1. Grab the account summaries
data_service = YodleeApi::DataService.new(login_manager.user_context)
accounts = data_service.get_account_summaries

# The account summaries returned will be arrays of hashes with the format
    {:account_id=>"11076596", :account_name=>"MyAccess Checking-0123"},
    {:account_id=>"11076597", :account_name=>"MyAccess Savings-4567"}
  1. Create a transaction search request using an account id fetched in step 14, the only required parameter is :account_id, however, you can customize the search request by passing in values for other parameters. See YodleeApi::TransactionSearchRequest::Parameters for possible values.
search_request = YodleeApi::TransactionSearchRequest.new(:account_id => 11076596)
  1. Fetch transactions using the transaction search service
search_service = YodleeApi::TransactionSearch.new(login_manager.user_context)

The transactions will be stored in a hash with the following format:

    {:transaction_id=>"23902396", :description=>"CHECKCARD 0725 CURRY UP NOW (TRUCK 2) SOUTH SAN FRACA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0000", :category_name=>"Restaurants/Dining", :categorization_keyword=>"curry", :amount=>"14.0", :currency_code=>"USD"}, 
    {:transaction_id=>"23902600", :description=>"USPS xxxxxxxxx 07/25 #xxxxx2102 PURCHASE USPS xxxxxx0000/U PALO ALTO CA", :category_name=>"Postage and Shipping", :categorization_keyword=>"usps", :amount=>"29.95", :currency_code=>"USD"}


savon, '>= 0.9.6'
nokogiri, '>= 1.4.0'
ruby, '1.9.2' #(hashes in 1.8.7 don't store element order and that will cause all sorts of havoc)


Coming Soon.

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