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Updated: 2015-10-31 17:12


RPV - Remote Process Verifier

Check that everything you expect, and nothing else, is running

Quick Start Guide

  • Clone the git repo
  • Show unmatched processes

From the checkout run -

ruby -I lib rpv --confdir=. --format nagios_processes

this will show you all the processes that are not currently "known" by RPV. To see the details run -

ruby -I lib rpv --confdir=. --format nagios_processes --verbose

In order to acknowledge some of those processes we need to define which roles this machine has. While you can create this list from a hosts /var/lib/puppet/classes.txt (and probably the equivalent in chef) we're going to hand add a class to keep the example short.

echo "linux" >> classes

Now that we've declared the machine as having the linux roll let's add a couple of processes that we're expecting to see.

$ ruby -I lib rpv --confdir=. --format nagios_processes --verbose | grep syslog
pid => 2898, ppid => 1, uname => root, command => syslogd -m 0

Now we've got an example process we'll normalise it and add it to the expected process files.

echo "ppid => 1, uname => root, command => syslogd" >> allowed/linux

Now if we re-run

ruby -I lib rpv --confdir=. --format nagios_processes --verbose | grep syslog

You'll see it's no longer listed. While this can be quite a bit of upfront work it becomes easier as you classify your hosts into groups and even easier if you use something like puppet to build them for you based on existing resources.

RPV as a bulk nagios check

RPV also allows you to list all of the filters that have not matched. Using the nagios output mode you can use this as a cheap, bulk, process checker.

Add a fake filter line:

$ echo "ppid => 1, uname => root, command => testy" >> allowed/syslog::client
CRITICAL: 1 of 158 filters are unmatched
Filter {"command"=>"testy", "uname"=>"root", "ppid"=>1}

And now nagios will tell you about processes that have stopped.

Known filters and examples

The filters currently know about 4 fields and require all of them to match to class a process as known.

  • pid
  • ppid
  • uname
  • command

Examples: uname => root, command => /usr/libexec/postfix/master, ppid => 1 uname => postfix, command => qmgr -l -t fifo -u uname => postfix, command => pickup -l -t fifo -u uname => postfix, command => showq -t unix -u uname => root, command => /usr/sbin/saslauthd

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