Created: 2011-07-15 17:13
Updated: 2015-04-16 19:23
License: other


This project is meant as my own starting point for CodeIgniter projects. Above and beyond the usual vanilla install of CodeIgniter reactor, here's a little something something to get started with.


  • CodeIgniter 2.0.2
  • Phil Sturgeon's Asset library
  • David McReynolds' Menu library from FuelPHP
  • Sparks, with the following sparks installed:
    • ion_auth 1.4.0
    • formbuilder 1.3.0
    • template 1.8.0
  • Login controller to run ion_auth, using formbuilder
  • Basic CSS and layout files based on HTML5 template
  • Static page controller with nice 404 handling
  • Dropdown menu 0.7.2 CSS from Live Web Institute


  • Install CI as usual.
  • Create a DB, update config/database.php
  • If you want ion_auth to work, run the appropriate script in sparks/ion_auth/x.x.x/sql
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