Created: 2011-07-15 14:08
Updated: 2017-05-16 03:42


Reverse Domain Path Apache2 Module

An Apache module to dynamically transform incoming requests for a virtual host to a reversed domainname pathed (RDP) DocumentRoot. For example, a domain of gets transformed to com/example/some and appended to whatever WEB_PATH is set to; -> WEB_PATH/com/example/some

If wildcard DNS entries are set up for vhosted domains then nothing more than the existance of a directory is needed for a vhost to resolve, ie; no VirtualHost entries are required in the Apache configuration files.

For now, WEB_PATH is hardwired and defined in the program itself. It should be a configuration option. The apache development headers and apxs2 program needs to be available. These come with the Archlinux apache package but Debian needs the apache2-dev package.

The auto PHP safe_mode settings have been disabled until the problem with missing SUHOSIN headers is worked out.

For extra debugging these can be added towards the end of the file.

fprintf(stderr,"r->hostname = %s\n", r->hostname);
fprintf(stderr,"r->the_request = %s\n", r->the_request);
fprintf(stderr,"r->protocol = %s\n", r->protocol);
fprintf(stderr,"r->uri = %s\n", r->uri);
fprintf(stderr,"r->filename = %s\n\n", r->filename);
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