Created: 2011-07-15 08:31
Updated: 2015-08-30 12:59
License: mit

KyTea wrapper for ruby

Mykytea-ruby is a ruby wrapper module for KyTea, a general text analysis toolkit. KyTea is developed by KyTea Development Team

Detailed information of KyTea can be found at

Install Dependencies

You need to install KyTea before build.

To build Mykytea-ruby, run

% ruby ext/extconf.rb
% make

(If you want to install, run)

% sudo make install

(If you fail to make, please try to install SWIG and run)

% swig -c++ -ruby -I/usr/local/include ext/mykytea.i

How to use?

require 'kytea'

# You can write original kytea option
opt = "-model /usr/local/share/kytea/model.bin"
kytea =

str = "今日はいい天気です。"

#=> ["今日", "は", "い", "い", "天気", "で", "す", "。"]

#=> "今日/名詞/きょう は/助詞/は い/形容詞/い い/語尾/い 天気/名詞/てんき で/助動詞/で す/語尾/す 。/補助記号/。 "

#=> [{:surface=>"今日", :tags=>[[{:tag=>"名詞", :val=>3.610404674503611}], [{:tag=>"きょう", :val=>1.0726515803715995}]]},
# {:surface=>"は", :tags=>[[{:tag=>"助詞", :val=>3.5500698037485963}], [{:tag=>"は", :val=>100.0}]]},
# {:surface=>"い", :tags=>[[{:tag=>"形容詞", :val=>2.5966088884369523}], [{:tag=>"い", :val=>100.0}]]},
# {:surface=>"い", :tags=>[[{:tag=>"語尾", :val=>2.7064013574728385}], [{:tag=>"い", :val=>100.0}]]},
# {:surface=>"天気", :tags=>[[{:tag=>"名詞", :val=>4.220721634732509}], [{:tag=>"てんき", :val=>100.0}]]},
# {:surface=>"で", :tags=>[[{:tag=>"助動詞", :val=>2.9093304720685786}], [{:tag=>"で", :val=>0.99994530321086}]]},
# {:surface=>"す", :tags=>[[{:tag=>"語尾", :val=>2.5160490891753264}], [{:tag=>"す", :val=>0.9998735552127426}]]},
# {:surface=>"。", :tags=>[[{:tag=>"補助記号", :val=>3.070959942739055}], [{:tag=>"。", :val=>100.0}]]}]


MIT License

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