Created: 2011-07-15 07:28
Updated: 2019-02-25 15:58
License: bsd-3-clause




Ajax Proxy was created to help simplify the development of ajax-based web applications. It provides a simple webserver that can be used by web and flash developers to allow them work without the burden of configuring and maintaining the real webserver that feeds them data.


  • Proxy requests from a given path to a different host at the same path
  • Proxy multiple paths to multiple different hosts
  • Use variable substitution for paths and host names
  • Merge javascript/css files to a single url
  • Compress merged javascript/css files
  • UI can add fake latency and simulate a bitrate
  • UI can log requests and filter by regular expression


Ajax Proxy can be run as a swing application by running the following command:

java -jar ajaxproxy-1234.jar

To run as a build tool to merge files and exit, then use the following:

java -jar ajaxproxy-1234.jar --c myconfigfile.json --m outputfolder

To see a full list of command line options try the following:

java -jar ajaxproxy-1234.jar --help
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