Created: 2011-07-15 04:16
Updated: 2014-01-02 02:03


This repo is based on the's flask-gae skeleton and brunch. It is created solely to increase development time instead of setting up a new one.



here is a list of assembled components

  • flask decorators for (cache_page, login_required)
  • gae specific monkeypatch for werkzeug debugger
  • a simple user model
  • google appengine specific development/production environment switch
  • google appengine appstats configured
  • google appengine memcache caching backend configured
  • favicon.ico stub to avoid unneeded error logs
  • deck module with 26 char uuid generator
  • deck module with JsonProperty for the datastore
  • lib directory for external dependencies prepended to syspath
  • brunch







clone repository

git clone <project_name>

change to directory of <project_name>

cd <project_name>

fetch all the submodules via

git submodule update --init

set your own appengine application id in app.yaml

change the 'secret_key' in by generating a new one

add replace remote

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin <new_remote like>
git commit -am "initial setup"
git push origin master

Update from Skeleton

Add the remote and merge in all changes and removes the old stuff again.

git remote add skeleton
git pull skeleton
git checkout -b skeleton remotes/skeleton/master
git rebase <your_development_branch like master>
git checkout <your_development_branch like master>
git merge --no-ff skeleton
git branch -D skeleton
git remote rm skeleton
git submodule update


Brunch compile

Go to project "root" and run

brunch watch

Run Application

Go to path "code" and run .

Run Test Enviroment

Go to path "code" and run

nosetests-2.5 --with-gae tests/

Run Remote Console

Go to path "code" and run

python2.5 <app-id>


things we still need to extract and clean up from other projects

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