Created: 2011-07-15 03:36
Updated: 2016-06-29 23:17


HACKATHON hosted by Top Hat Monocle

This git reposity is where we stuff all of our documentation and sample code for the Hackathon.


Build a WebGL / three.js based browser game. Best game will be rewarded with a prize!


three.js Github repo: https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js

Mozilla docs on WebGL: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/WebGL

Repository Contents

  • README.md would like you to read it
  • js/ is where Three.js and helper libraries live
  • assets/ images you can use in your project
  • sprite.html is sample three.js code showing you how to create a simple sprite object
  • sprite_move.html shows you how to move your sprite around
  • template.html is a blank game template you can use as the foundation of your project
  • barrel_roll/ is a very simple example game you can use to:
    • Get inspiration
    • Amuse yourself
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