Created: 2011-07-15 03:03
Updated: 2014-01-02 14:18


Simple-clone is a very simple jQuery plugin which can clone jQuery element or remove the cloned elements, especially useful in a form.

When you apply simple-clone on a jQurey element, simple-clone will create a '+' button behind it, you can click the '+' to duplicate a similar element on the new line, you can clone as many as you want. After the cloned elements, you can see a '-' button, clicking it will remove the cloned elements.


Copy simpleclone.js and simpleclone.css to your application folder, include them in your page, done. Don't forget to include jquery first!

Then you can call simple clone function to make the html elements be able to cloned and removed.


To use that, make sure you have a div wrapping the elments, like:

<div class='email_group'>
  <input id='email' name='user[emails][]' size='30' type='email'></input>

Then call the ONLY and SIMPLE api of simple-clone:

<script type='text/javascript'>
  $(document).ready(function() {

That's it!


Oh, you can also have options in simple_clone function.

Option :label can attach the field label before the elements, when you do clone, the label will be automatically changed by order. Option :label_colon controls the exisitence of the colon at the end of the label.

    label: 'E-mail',    // add label 'E-mail xxx' before the element, xxx is the number.
    label_colon: true   // label ends with a colon

Option :nested can allow you to build nested form, default is false. Example:

  <div class='project_group'>
    <input id='user_projects_name' name='user[projects][name]'></input>
    <input id='user_projects_description' name='user[projects][description]'></input>
    nested: true

This will generate the input name like 'user[projects][0][name]', 'user[projects][1][name]' after you doing clone operation, which is useful for nested form with the has_many relationship.

Option :start can specify the start index of nested group, for the above example, if write:

    nested: true,
    start: 1

The generated input will be 'user[projects][1][name]', 'user[projects][2][name]'.

Option :plus_icon_style and :minus_icon_style, can control the display style of the plus and minus icons, the icon is display inline by default, but if your specify this option as 'block', the icon will display block.

Option :plus_text and :minus_text, specify the text of plus and minus icons instead of '+' and '-'

Option :limit, which takes a number value, specify the maximum clones in the group.


Simple-clone provides a very simple css, you can easily customize youself, like setting the img for the '+' and '-' button.


Resolve the option polution problem if multiple groups have been simple-cloned in one page.


Thanks maoqiuyun @Ekohe, who helped me to work on this plugin.

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