Created: 2011-07-15 02:25
Updated: 2017-05-18 13:39

A fun little site to point outdated browser users in the right direction based on their user agent. Now with more API!

Basic usage
Send the unlucky recipients of your rage to

See what it looks like with a specific status, without changing your UA! Add the status parameter (see the API for more info):<old|cur|pre|mob|wtf>

Send a request to and it'll return info based on the request UA. If you need to use JSONP, just add the callback parameter. The response will be an object with the following data:

  • name: Browser name.
  • version: Browser version, a number in the format <major>.<minor> (note: the minor version may be 0 and therefore nonexistent).
  • status: One of the following:
    • old: Outdated.
    • cur: Current.
    • pre: Prerelease.
    • mob: A mobile UA. name and version will be null.
    • wtf: An unparsable UA. name and version will be null.

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