Created: 2011-07-15 01:27
Updated: 2016-10-24 08:00
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version: 0

Fastlog is a C/C++ library for fast/realtime logging

Fast log is a fast system logger, faster than syslog or file based. It is designed for Linux based, user space, high performance, real time systems.

Have a look at doc/DESIGN.txt for more info.

Some of the goals of the project:

  • do utilities for real time logging and performance monitoring on linux.

    • check that TSC is synchronized between CPUS.
    • tools for measuring performance via TSC.
  • syslog logger which matches the syslog API but which is tuned for real time (stores all logs in RAM). It guarantees order between logs and can add TSC to logs.

  • a utility to recover the log from a coredump of a failed process that used the logger (Yay!).

  • fast log library which logs everything in preallocated RAM and possibly a user space tool to peek into that RAM. It gives you an API to clear the log so that it doesn't become congested.

  • maybe a kernel module to give you contiguous space to log to?

    Mark Veltzer, 2010-2017

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