Created: 2011-07-14 23:21
Updated: 2015-08-19 23:11

Restrict for TDSM

Restrict is a general plugin for character name registration and guest privilege restriction.


  • A user registration system allowing users to submit registration requests in-game, that are approved by ops or from the console.
  • Password authentication of registered users upon connection using the server password prompt. (But passwords don't need to be unique.)
  • Automatic opping for registered operator users.
  • Restricting guests' ability to edit tiles or use explosives
  • Restricting guests' ability to close/open doors
  • Fully configurable without restarting the server

Command syntax

All console/op commands use the same tokenizer, which splits arguments on space-boundaries. To include multiple words as a single argument, surround them with double quotes like this:

"foo bar" or escape the space with a slash: foo\ bar Literal quotes and slashes need to be escaped: \" for a quote \\ for a slash The player /reg and /pass commands don't use this and need no escaping.


Set the servername that is used for hashing passwords, don't change it after users have been added, because it'll invalidate old passwords.

ro --server-id servername
ro -s servername

Decide whether to allow guests in or not.

ro --allow-guests true|false
ro -g true|false

If guests are allowed in, whether to allow them to alter tiles and use explosives.

ro --restrict-guests true|false
ro -r true|false

Their ability to open doors can also be restricted.

ro --restrict-guests-doors true|false
ro -d true|false

To check the current configuration, simply:


To reload the user database from disk:

ro --reload-users
ro -L

Registering users manually

By specifying the plaintext password:

ru username -p password

Or by giving the SHA256 hash of the string username:servername:password, this allows registration to be done securely over forums or other public channels.

ru username hash

The above commands can also be used with existing names to change their passwords.

Removing users

To unregister:

ur name

Toggling operator status

These commands with add or remove the operator status on an existing user.

ru -o name
ru name

In-game registration

Guests have a chat command available, that allows them to submit a request for registration.

/reg password

Registered users may change their passwords with:

/pass password

Online ops are notified of new requests. Pending requests can be listed with:


To grant or deny a request, reference it by its number.

rr grant #
rr -g #
rr deny #
rr -d #

For the time being, requests are not persisted and vanish between restarts.

The End

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