Created: 2011-07-14 22:14
Updated: 2018-05-16 00:52
License: other


A node.js implementation of Tobi Oetiker's excellent RRDTool.

See for further information.


Please note that this library is currently incomplete. Pull requests will be ignored until it is complete.

This version aims to support RRD files created on little-endian platforms (i.e. PCs running Linux/BSD), either 32 or 64bit. Only RRD version 3 and 4 files are supported.

Included libraries

I've included the jspack library ( in this library because there is not currently a package obtainable via npm.


This library borrows concepts and some code from javascriptRRD, which, as a whole, ended up being insufficient for my needs. It's designed to run in a browser, and to make an AJAX request for the entire RRD, then graph it using Flot, whereas I was looking to make a library that reads the file directly, and will work with node.js.

You can find this javascriptRRD library at


MIT License. See

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