Created: 2011-07-14 21:47
Updated: 2013-10-11 19:51

Sample app for the Positronic Net library.

The build procedure, using sbt is something like the following:

First, install the Android SDK, sbt, and the Positronic Net library itself following instructions here.

You'll also need to get your maps API key into the resources, perhaps by putting a file named apiKey.xml into src/main/res/values, with contents like so:

    <string name="mapsKey">0xdeadbeef_your_key_goes_here_443543</string>

except replacing the content of the mapsKey tag with your actual key. (Which requires you to have a maps API key; see their docs for details.)

Lastly compile and build this app:

$ cd [your workspace]
$ git clone
$ cd shopping_assistant
$ sbt android:package-debug

If that all worked, you should wind up with an apk in .../shopping_assistant/target/scala_2.8.1/shoppinglists_2.8.1-0.1.apk

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