Created: 2011-07-14 21:25
Updated: 2016-05-02 15:47



This is a plugin for making your own Conscript apps. Get started using it by applying this giter8 template project.

g8 n8han/conscript

The sbt 0.11 project it creates will have conscript-plugin preconfigured, and comes with skeletal sources for your app.


Start an sbt 0.11 interactive session in your project directory.

$ sbt # or whatever you've called your sbt 0.11 script

You'll have a few additional tasks (commands) available.

cs-run app

Runs an app named "app". The name is taken from the directory containing the launchconfig. In the template project, you have src/main/conscript/app/launchconfg so the name here (and eventual script name) is "app".

The cs-run task does a publish-local for the project, produces a temporary finished launchconfig, then invokes the launcher in a separate process. This is a close approximation of how the app will actually be launched in the script produced by Conscript's cs command. Arguments appended to the task will be passed on to the launched program:

cs-run app goodbye world

Alternate Launch

If your app (like the template app) includes a standard runnable class, you can run it directly with sbt's run task. This is a much faster way to test the app as you are developing, since it avoids the overhead of publishing and launching in a separate process.

run goodbye world

It is also similar to running it deployed as a runnable jar that has been built either through assembly or proguard--the most common alternatives to Conscript's local-repository-based launching.

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