Created: 2011-07-14 19:51
Updated: 2019-02-07 20:29
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eXide - a web-based XQuery IDE

eXide is a a web-based XQuery IDE built around the ace editor. It is tightly integrated with the eXist-db native XML database.


  • XQuery function and variable completion (press Ctrl-Space or Opt-Space)
  • Outline view showing all functions and variables reachable from the current file
  • Powerful navigation (press F3 on a function call to see its declaration)
  • Templates
  • Background syntax checks for XQuery and XML
  • Database manager
  • Support for EXPath application packages: scaffolding, deployment...
  • And more ...

eXide consists of two parts:

  1. a javascript library for the client-side application
  2. a set of XQuery scripts which are called via AJAX


eXide requires the shared-resources package in eXist-db. It should be installed by default unless you changed the build.


The latest version of eXide is included with eXist-db, though this might not be the newest version.

You can install a newer or second version of eXide by deploying it directly into the database. This is also how development on eXide is done.

To build eXide from scratch:

git clone git://github.com/eXist-db/eXide.git
cd eXide
git submodule update --init --recursive

Next, call ant on the build.xml file in eXide:


You should now find a .xar file in the build/ directory:


The .xar file is an installable package containing eXide. You can install this into any eXist instance using the application repository manager in the dashboard.

eXide depends on the shared-resources eXpath-package which provides the ace editor files. If you install eXide via the dashboard, the dependency should be processed automatically.


!! WIP !! We are working on improving the test coverage of eXide, and welcome contributions to help us improve both unit and integration tests. To add in-browser integrations tests contributor should open a pull request to e2e-core.


New releases require a .xar file to be uploaded to exist-db.org's public repo, and to Github releases. To trigger a new release simply add a tag in the form: 'vX.X.X' to the repo (where X corresponds to the semantic-version number of the new release). Tags can be added via CLI or the GitHub UI. Travis will automatically initiate the release and attach the xar once you added a tag. Either upload the .xar to public repo yourself, or post a not in slack.

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