Created: 2011-07-14 19:49
Updated: 2018-09-10 00:09

cl-latex (0.1alpha)

This library produces latex code from s-expr similiar to cl-who for html.

License: cc-by-sa 3.0
Author:  Alexander Weigl <>
Date: 2011-07-08


(with-latex-output (*standard-output*)
  (:documentclass "report")
  (:usepackage "xcolor")
  (:author "Lisp")
  (:date   today)
  (env :document ()
     (:textbf "My first document")
     (env :center ()
          "With \verb+esc+ you escape the latex characters: "
          (esc "& _ # { }"))))

How it works:

(with-latex-output (stream) &body latex-expression)

Every s-expr in latex-expression will be converted to a princ command. stream is a stream that should be used by princ. A summary of latex-expression and the translation:

 (:command "A" "B" "C")          
                           => \command{A}{B}{C}
 (env :center ( ("A") ("B") ) …) 
                           => \begin{center}[A]{B} … \end{center}
 (esc "A & B")            
                           => A \& B

Every other s-expr is put into the output untouched. A multiple print of literal strings will be optimize into one call to princ.

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