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Updated: 2017-10-22 21:04
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Feel free to browse around, and donʼt forget to check out The original idea was to scratch out ideas here, and blog there — but lately my time has been consumed by work that pays the bills.


100% transparency! If you can see it, you should be able to download, compile, and execute yourself. This does not mean everything will work as you expect, that you have the capacity to make it work, or even that it will work at all. One of these days Iʼll write something so anyone can upload examples and working snippets of code.


Current web environment is served by Nginx on Debian unstable, which is virtualized using KVM. Most web language support is bolted up with FastCGI.


None, take it or leave it. Everything here is intended as a resource for educational purposes only.

Copyright and License

Open Source Initiative Foremost I appreciate the knowledge and time millions of others have shared before me. I have no interest in taking credit that is not my own. Please contact me directly with any issues.

Each collection should include a NOTICE file reflecting the copyright holder(s) and year(s) of distribution. Each collection should include a LICENSE file reflecting the licensing terms and conditions. In the absence of a either file, NOTICE and LICENSE must be used respectively. Exception; any resource(s) found within a collection labeled ".external" is subject to specific copyright and licensing terms and conditions.

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