Created: 2011-07-14 17:14
Updated: 2014-10-01 12:01


Git story adds the 'story' git subcommand to git (via alias.story=!git-story.rb in the git config). The story subcommand is used to manage stories as used in XP programming processes (kanban, scrum) terminology.

These stories are stored where they belong: alongside the code - in the a special branch called 'stories'. This branch is initialised as empty branch ( on first usage of the story subcommand.

It is possible to check out this branch and edit stories directly, however git-story is using grit ( to directly access the objects in the git repository for fast access.

Story information is shared by all branches (title, description, comments, ...) but the status of a story depends on how far the implementation is already in a specific branch. To reflect that, the status is stored using git notes ( and connected to commits. (finishing a story can also be indicated in a commit message, starting a story is indicated by creating a branch with the story name)

This results in state beeing inherited (and merged) between branches fully automatically when branching or merging the code and a lot of state can automagically be determind from the repository itself.


git story add {name}
git story remove {name}
git story show {name}
git story edit {name}
git story start/finish/accept/reject {name}


git story add crazy_feature

the commit editor opens and you can describe the story. (title first line followed by a blank line, followed by a description that may use markdown)

git story show crazy_feature

displays title, description, requester (you) and status ('not yet started')

git checkout -b crazy_feature
git story show crazy_feature

displays title, description, requester, status ('started') and involved people (everyone commiting to this branch)

git add ...
git commit ...
git story finish crazy_fetaure

git checkout staging
git story show crazy_feature

displays the status in this branch ('not yet started') and all branches with status that have commits from the feature branch

git merge crazy_feature
git story show crazy_feature

displays 'finished' - the merge also merged the status

git story accept crazy_feature

sets the status to accepted in the 'staging' branch only

git checkout master
git merge crazy_fetaure

status in master is now 'finished' (merged from feature branch), status in staging is still 'accepeted' and will also be displayed

git story accept crazy_feature

status is now accepted in staging and master!

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