Created: 2011-07-14 16:21
Updated: 2019-01-07 13:28


TCMXMLWriter - an elegant memory efficient XML Marshaller

Design Goals

  • small memory footprint during marshalling
  • elegant syntax
  • suitable for iOS & Mac
  • self contained, no other dependencies


  • iOS 4.x or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher, 64-bit only
  • will probably be upped to Lion + iOS 5.0 soon



You need to include the TCMXMLWriter.h/m in your project.

After that you initialize your TCMXMLWriter with either nothing (will write to memory) a file URL (will write as a stream to that URL) or a stream it will write to.

This is a example generating KML of New York:

TCMXMLWriter *writer = [[TCMXMLWriter alloc] initWithOptions:TCMXMLWriterOptionPrettyPrinted];
[writer instructXML];
[writer tag:@"kml" attributes:@{@"xmlns" : @""} contentBlock:^{
	[writer tag:@"Document" contentBlock:^{
		[writer tag:@"Placemark" contentBlock:^{
			[writer tag:@"name" contentText:@"NYC"];
			[writer tag:@"description" contentText:@"New York City"];
			[writer tag:@"Point" contentBlock:^{
				[writer tag:@"coordinates" contentText:@"-74.006393,40.714172,0"];

The attributes dictionary can include these types as value:

  • NSNumber
    • -[NSNumber stringValue]
    • when TCMXMLWriterOptionPrettyBOOL is specified, then BOOLs will be replaced with -boolYESValue and -boolNoValue, defaults to @"yes" and @"no"
  • NSDate (will be encoded using ISO8601 with GMT - e.g. 2011-07-18T17:47:59Z )
  • NSStrings which will be represented literally

When TCMXMLWriterOptionOrderedAttributes is specified, the attributes will in -caseInsensitiveCompare: order instead of the random order defined by the NSDictionary.

For more api see the TCMXMLWriter.h


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