Created: 2011-07-14 13:56
Updated: 2013-11-08 13:29


Lime-tree is simple CMS system implemented in Padrino. Its name is reminiscence to Fikus CMS, which I could not get running so I started with my own.

Right now it is simplistic implementation, but yet usable and with cucumber features which describes all functions.


Clone this repo and install bundle to its gemset:

git clone git://
rvm --create 1.9.2@lime-tree
bundle install

Then add admin user:

bundle exec padrino rake seed

Boot Padrino:

bundle exec padrino start

Then go to Admin address and start creating pages.

Those tagged with 'in_menu' will show in menu.

Compatibility and dependencies

Whole project is developed for ruby 1.9.2 only that's why rvm is in needed.

Also needed is MongoDB. Install it by brew or apt-get, or use MongoHQ free one.

Styling and formating

If you add custom.css to public/stylesheets it will be applied to page. Also body of the static is formatted with markdown. And static with _side suffix will be rendered in .side div on page.


Do not be crazy, this is nothing you wanna have something in common. Wait until version 0.0.1 at very least. Now it's highly radioactive.

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