Created: 2011-07-14 12:34
Updated: 2018-06-21 16:02
License: gpl-3.0

Chromerly URL-shortener

Chromerly Paint-job

Chromerly is a Chrome extension to utilize the Finnish The license of this extension is GPL version 3.

Now on the Chrome Web Store


  • Simple icon to click on every site to shorten it's url
  • Omnibox integration - just type urly, press tab and enter your url to shorten it
  • Sleek notification with QR-code for us smartphone owners
  • Context menu integration for images, videos, audio, links and selected text
  • NEW: Block Urly links to preview where they redirect before opening them
  • NEW: Web Intents! Now any service can shorten with Chromerly. :)


  • tuhoojabotti (Ville Lahdenvuo) – Main developer
  • Pettis (Juha Petäjäjärvi) – Urly and its api
  • mikeful (Mikko Niemikorpi) – The awsum README logo
  • Crystal Project (Everaldo Coelho) – Processing and failure icons


  • tuhoojabotti (Ville Lahdenvuo) – English & Finnish
  • Hidden (Denes) – Hungarian
  • Mowmow (Moritz Köhler) – German
  • Lulu Latifa Leonita – Indonesian
  • [D]emon (Tomaz Zabel) – Slovenian
  • Jagdos (Kristian Jagd) – Danish
  • Grookie (Pavel Šigut) – Czech
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