Created: 2011-07-14 08:44
Updated: 2013-10-10 04:46


#About jQuery timeslider is a plug-in that lets you bind a slider element to an input element for easy timeselection. demo here


  • ctrl+left/right & ctrl+shift+left/right to move minute/hour steps from the field
  • Fades away after use
  • Parses keyboard input to move the slider
  • Doesn't break keyboard navigation unlike other popular / less popular alternatives.
  • Uses jquery-ui theming - no extra css elements
  • on focusout: slider element disabled and opacity zeroed


  • minutes : minimum minute step
  • stop : slider's stop function

#Compatibility Tested in latest webkit, firefox and opera. IE testing scheduled.


Note that this can probably be rewritten without the hotkeys dependencies easily, but it is only a 3kb (unminified) addon - that is actually very useful. It's worth adding.

#Usage $('#inputfield').timeslider()

which can take an optional options hash:


  • options.minutes variants work best when it is a number that divides 60 i.e. n in [1,2,4,5,6,10,15,20,30]
  • .coffee source can be compiled BARE (i.e. same as with the coffeescript.org 'try it' interactive compiler)
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