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Updated: 2017-05-21 04:36



If you are an online merchant and using FeeFighters' Samurai gateway, this gem will make your life easy. Integrate with the portal and process transactions.


Install Samurai just like any other gem. In Rails3 add the gem to your Gemfile:

gem "samurai"

then run:

bundle install

In Rails2 add the gem to your environment.rb:

config.gem "samurai"

then run:

rake gems:install


Set the Samurai.options hash, after the gem has loaded and before you'll use it. Typically this belongs in your environment.rb file or it's own initializer.

config.after_initialize do
  Samurai.options = {
    :merchant_key => 'your_merchant_key', 
    :merchant_password => 'your_merchant_password', 
    :processor_token => 'your_default_processor_token'

The :processor_token param is optional. If you set it, Samurai::Processor.the_processor will return the processor with this token. You can always call Samurai::Processor.find('an_arbitrary_processor_token') to retrieve any of your processors.

Samurai API Reference

See the API Reference for a full explanation of how this gem works with the Samurai API.


Samurai is dependent on the ActiveResource gem version 2.2.2 or greater. Any Samurai::Base objects descend from ActiveResource::Base, so you can call any ActiveResource instance or class methods on the object or their classes.

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