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Updated: 2018-09-04 17:00


A simple python module to run and get generated reports deployed on a JasperServer. Module works by consuming the SOAP web service provided by the JasperServer. It is ideal for python projects that uses JasperServer for reporting and needs a way to access/publish these reports to their users easily. However, this project is not a management interface for JasperServer, you should use its web interface and/or iReport for that.



For the impatient

from pyjasperclient import JasperClient

url = 'http://localhost:8080/jasperserver/services/repository?wsdl'
jc = JasperClient()
js.login(url, 'jlogin', 'jpass')
report ='/Reports/reporting_to_the_explanatory_note/Report30', 'XLS', {'Year': u'2011'}, {'onePagePerSheet': 'true'})
report_file = file('report.xls','wb')

JasperClient object

Create your Jasper object with JasperServer wsdl url and JasperServer credentials.

j = JasperClient( 'http://localhost:8080/jasperserver/services/repository?wsdl', 'joeuser', 'joeuser')

There are only three methods that can be used.


Returns a list of strings that are report URIs of the JasperServer. Optional dir param may be used to define the directory to look for. It should start with / and end with directory name. (No / at the end)


Returns a dict with report (uri) parametrs: report:

  • name
  • id (uriString)
  • label
  • description
  • controls [list]:
    • id (inputControl uri)
    • name
    • type
    • label
    • description
  • parameters [list]:
    • name
    • class
    • default (default value), output="PDF", params={}, args={})

This will run the report for the URI given in uri and generate a dict containing 'content-type' and 'data'. 'content-type' can be used to send as an HTTP response header. params is a simple dict to pass directly to the running report. Uri should be report URI on JasperServer. Output may be PDF, JRPRINT, HTML, XLS, XML, CSV and RTF; default PDF

Check the source for more info

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