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A minimalist VBScript Unit Testing framework. Yes, it is VBScript ;)


The importance of TDD (Test Driven Development) like a method to make the code more maintainable and flexible is now unquestionable. But I'm not found in open source world a productive way to do TDD with VBScript. Exists some initiatives that run in browser using Classic ASP platform but I think that way is too slow. Then I mixed the ideas from others minimalists testing frameworks and I made this simple tool to help to create vbscript code using TDD in a more productive way.

I hope you enjoy it!

Getting started

Make a clone or download this project to your computer. Open the DOS prompt and go to the vbsunit directory. Now just type the command below:

cscript vbsunit.wsf examples\fizzbuzz.vbs

You'll see in the prompt the follow result:


5 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors.

Now you can open the fizzbuzz example or the others and you'll see the simplicity of the framework that contain just 5 procedures to facilitate your tests:

assert_equal expected, actual, message 
assert_not_equal expected, actual, message
assert_match expected_pattern, actual, message  'regex
assert_true asserted, message
assert_false asserted, message

You can do now some changes in the examples to see the results or you can create your own test file to your code in vbscript from scratch.

Good Job!


VBSUnit was done to be executed in cscript mode (DOS). Not in Wscript mode (Windows). Then if the script don't execute in DOS, you should change the default script host to CScript.exe:

  1. open the DOS prompt in administration mode
  2. type the following command: cscript //H:CScript


If you want to use vbsunit like a native command in DOS copy the file vbsunit.wsf and the entire libs folder to the c:\windows\system32 folder. The fizzbuzz example is now as follows:

vbsunit examples\fizzbuzz.vbs

Simply Fantastic! :)


I made this framework using Windows 7 professional - service pack 1 I wait your reply to know the compatibility with other windows versions.


VBSUnit is released under the MIT license.


Valério Farias (valeriofarias.com and twitter.com/valeriofarias)

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