Created: 2011-07-13 17:43
Updated: 2019-01-30 14:42



This is the source for Backstage, originally from the SIMILE SVN repository. We expect to see this satisfy the need for a server-side backend working with Exhibit 3.0.


You will need a JVM installed with appropriate enviornment settings (JAVA_HOME, etc) along with Maven 2.x+. You will also need Babel as well as SIMILE Butterfly. Butterfly should be installed in a peer directory to Backstage, like:


Butterfly can be checked out from Google Code repository with SVN. The Google Code version supercedes the SIMILE repository version

Installing Maven dependencies

Run mvn install for Babel to install the dependencies Backstage needs. Babel is currently in the process of transitioning to Maven Central and is not reliably available in other Maven repositories.

Run ant build for Butterfly.

Setting up Backstage

Run mvn package for Backstage to compile its classes to the correct location and copy its Maven dependencies into place within the module. Butterfly is no longer Maven-run software, so its classloader must be able to find classes within the Backstage module.

Working in Eclipse

You can work with Backstage in Eclipse by running mvn eclipse:eclipse in the modules/backstage/ directory, then importing just the module into Eclipse as a project.


Backstage also provides a client-side set of scripts that can be checked against JSLint by invoking mvn jslint4java:lint in the modules/backstage directory.

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