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License: lgpl-2.1

Human Rights Tracker 1.0.15

##. License

Licensed under GPL 2.1. See LICENSE.txt for detail

Basic requirements to build the application

  • MonoDevelop or Higher
  • Mono MDK installer (Mono 2.10.9)
  • SQLite3
  • Ruby and gems

Requeriments to build the database and the application for Mac

  • RVM (Ruby Version Manager)
  • ruby 1.9.3-p125
  • Bundler 1.0.14 or Higher
  • Gems listed in each Gemfile file

How to build the database

Before to compile the application you must build the database executing the following commands:

$ cd tools/database
$ rake drop_db
$ rake migrate
$ rake seeds  

If you want to populate your database for demo, you can run this rake task:

$ rake seeds_demo

Note: You can comment some lines at the end of the Rakefile file to generate an empty database.

How to build the bundle for mac

After you build your application in Monodevelop, you can build your app bundle with the following commands.

$ cd build/macos
$ ./appifier appify

How to build the ubuntu package

After you build your application in Monodevelop, you must generate the package from the menu options: Project -> Create Package, after that you will need to execute the following instructions:

$ cd build/linux
$ ./appifier clean
$ ./appifier tarball
$ ./appifier build_pkg

How to build the msi package for windows

Basic requeriments are: Windows7, .Net 3.5, MonoDevelop, CYGWIN and Git.

  • Build your project in mac or linux to generate the DLL files and compiled po (.mo) files.

  • Clone the project from this repository into the windows machine

    $ git clone git://

  • Clone the set of libraries from the windows-binaries repository in to the bin directory and name this as bin

    $ cd bin

    $ git clone git:// bin

  • Copy the compiled po (.mo) file in to the directory bin/bin/locale/po/LC_MESSAGES

  • Compile the project in MonoDevelop (Change the size of LoginWindows.cs view to make it and save the file)

  • Copy the compiled DLL and po files to bin/bin directory

  • Run the application in MonoDevelop and verify that its working well

  • Edit the files Installer.wixproj and InstallerDefinition.wxs to set the packager version.

  • Execute the build-installer.js script (Doing double click under this file).


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Download binary and source packages

##Requeriments for binary package installation

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