Created: 2011-07-13 14:27
Updated: 2018-11-21 17:51

Dot Matrix Animator

This is a web application for simulating/creating dot matrix animation. To use the this application:

  1. Download the project from Github.
  2. Unzip the project onto your user's Site directory.
  3. Make sure you have mac web server turned on. Check this guide.
  4. Make sure php is turned on as the application relies on php to convert graphics into svg. Check this guide.
  5. If you intend to export your animation to svg's, you need to make sure the privileges of your site folder is set to 'Read & Write' for everyone. Do this either by following this guide or use terminal and chmod.

Online Demo

This application is online at


Quick Starter

  • Press mouse to toggle a pixel on and off
  • Hold Shift and Mouse Over to turn on pixels continuously
  • Hold Ctrl and Mouse Over to turn off pixels continuously
  • Press + button to add a frame to animation sequence
  • Press Animate button to animate frames
  • To export animation, go to settings and turn on "export svg when animating". A zip file will be downloaded after svg's are generated.

File Description

  • index.html - Main access page for the application. Hold all html and markups.
  • sample/sample_character.txt - a sample character library. Content can be imported into Character tab.
  • sample/sample_animation.txt - a sample alarm clock animation. Content can be important into Animation tab.
  • script/bit-array.js - Bram Stein's javascript implementation of bit array. The underlying data structure for all matrices.
  • script/char_edit.js - Functions that enable character editing on the Character Tab.
  • script/grid-data.js - A grid data represents a matrix on the screen. Implements functions related to creating, copying, and moving a matrix (and pixels). Based on the bit-array.
  • script/matrix-edit.js - Funcitons that enable matrix editing on the Animation Tab and animation matrix.
  • script/obj-helper.js - Helper functions for the program. Right now includes a deep copy routines for cloning data structures.
  • script/pixels.js - Where application starts. Binds all events and initializes jQuery UI.
  • script/svg_helper.js - Helper function used to interact with jQuery SVG.
  • script/json/ - Dough Crawford's [json] class. Used for serializing and deserializing data structures.
  • script/svg/ - jQuery SVG. Used for creating each matrix.
  • script/ui/ - jQuery UI. Used skin the screen interface.
  • styles/pixels.css - CSS styles for application.
  • styles/reset.css - resets all styles to give application a clean slate.
  • post_svg.php - php script to convert svg content on the application into svg file. Called when "export svg when animated" is toggled.
  • zip_files.php - php script to zip svg files into zip file. Called when "export svg when animated" is toggled.


This project is made possible with the following open source project:

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