Created: 2011-07-13 12:51
Updated: 2017-11-29 08:23


Wrapper around iostat for Node, providing an EventEmitter to get information.

Takes (for now) an Array of iostat arguments as an array (by default ["-x"]) e.g : iostat(['-x','-m','2']);

Data comes back as an event 'data', which provides any error as a first argument (FIXME: at the moment, null), and the data as a second.

The data argument is an Object of this kind of form : { cpu: { '%user': 1.9, '%nice': 0.04, '%system': 1.12, '%iowait': 0.6, '%steal': 0, '%idle': 96.35 }, devices: { sda: { 'rrqm/s': 4.25, 'wrqm/s': 9.09, 'r/s': 0.78, 'w/s': 0.73, 'rMB/s': NaN, 'wMB/s': NaN, 'rsec/s': 160.74, 'wsec/s': 93.84, 'avgrq-sz': 56.44, 'avgqu-sz': 0.25, await: 54.94, svctm: 5.64, '%util': 2.55 } } }

This library has essentially been made in order to run in continuous mode, with options like ["-x","-m","2"].


var iostat = require('iostat');
iostat().on('data', function(err, stats) {
    console.log(stats.devices.sda1["%util"]); //e.g. 0.91 (as a Number, not a String)

Continuous mode example

var iostat = require('iostat');
iostat(['-x','-m','2']).on('data', function(err, stats) {
    if (stats.devices.sda && stats.devices.sda["%util"] > 1)
        throw "Your system is suffering! consider sharding you data!";


This is an early release, but it's yet mostly usable. Expect maybe some issue like getting sometime NaN rather than the number you expect;

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