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Now available as nuget package.

Getting Started

To get the acceptance tests to pass, you will need:

  • your oauth consumer credential and a valid access token and
  • your app_key and user_access_key and
  • the base url for the version of the API you're connecting to

Place them in the spaces provided in Ponoko.Api.Acceptance.Tests/App.example.config, and rename it to App.config.

Make sure App.config is included in the project.

Key Abstractions


The domain repositories require access to the internet. There is a default implementation (SystemInternet) expressed in terms of the System.Net classes.


SystemInternet requires an AuthorizationPolicy. There are two default implementations choose from: OAuthAuthorizationPolicy and SimpleKeyAuthorizationPolicy.

See Examples\About_authorization for usage instructions.


There is a fully-executable specification in Ponoko.Api.Acceptance.Tests.Examples.

First you will need to satisfy some dependencies:

// You need some credentials 
var consumer = new Credential("your_consumer_key", "your_consumer_secret");
var token = new Credential("your_token_key", "your_token_secret");
var credentials = new CredentialSet(consumer, token);

// and an authorization policy
var authPolicy = new DefaultOAuthAuthorizationPolicy(credentials);

// which is used by the Internet
var theInternet = new SystemInternet(authPolicy);

var baseUrl = "https://sandbox.ponoko.com/services/api/v2";

Once you have those, you're ready to go.

Getting the materials catalogue

// To get a catalogue, first you need a Node			
var nodes = new Nodes(theInternet, baseUrl);
var all = nodes.FindAll();
var firstNode = all[0];

// then you can get the catalogue
var catalogue = new MaterialsCatalogue(theInternet, baseUrl);
var allMaterials = catalogue.FindAll(firstNode);			      

Creating a product

// Seealso: AboutCreatingProducts
var design = new Design {
  Filename	= new FileInfo(@"path\to\teapot.eps").FullName,
  MaterialKey = "2413",
  Quantity	= 1,
  Reference	= "42"

var seed = new ProductSeed {
  Name		= "Any product name",
  Notes		= "some long notes about the design",
  Reference	= "2413"

var createCommand = new CreateCommand(theInternet, baseUrl);

var theNewProduct = CreateCommand.Create(seed, design);

Known issues

Failing tests

  1. AboutDesignImages you_get_an_error_if_you_supply_incorrect_content_type
  2. AboutHardware you_can_update_hardware_quantity
  3. AboutHardware you_can_remove_hardware

Previewing readme

$ rake -s preview_github_readme[README.md] > readme.html
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