Created: 2011-07-12 23:08
Updated: 2017-02-02 20:23



A Ring middleware for adding basic HTTP authentication to your app. Based on @remvee's ring-basic-authentication middleware, but adds some functionality.


Add [ring-http-basic-auth "0.0.1"] to the dependencies in your project.clj.


First define an authentication function that takes a username and password and returns a user. The wrap-with-auth middleware binds to *user* the result of this function. The wrap-require-auth middleware binds as well, but if *user* is non-true, it returns a 401 response. It also takes two more optional arguments: the realm (a string), and a response map that will be used in case the authentication fails.

(ns myapp.core
  (:use ring.middleware.http-basic-auth)
  (:use compojure.core))

(defn authenticate [username password]
  (if (and (= username "username")
           (= password "password"))
    {:username username}))

(defroutes public-routes
  ; ...)

(defroutes protected-routes
  ; ...)

(defroutes main-routes
  (wrap-with-auth public-routes authenticate)
  (wrap-require-auth protected-routes authenticate
    "The Secret Area" {:body "You're not allowed in The Secret Area!"}))

(def app
  (handler/api main-routes))


Adeel Ahmad Khan adeel@adeel.ru.

MIT License.

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