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jQuery Cookie Plugin


Read cookie:

var cookie = $.cookie('name');

Read raw (not URL-decoded) cookie:

var cookie = $.cookie('name', {raw: true});

Retrieve available cookies as array of objects with name and value attributes:

var cookies = $.cookie();

Retrieve available cookies with raw (not URL-decoded) values:

var cookies = $.cookie({raw: true});

Create session cookie:

$.cookie('name', 'value');

Create raw (not URL-encoded) session cookie:

$.cookie('name', 'value', {raw: true});

Create cookie with expiration date:

$.cookie('name', 'value', {expires: new Date(2012, 12, 31)});

Create cookie with expiration date in number of days:

$.cookie('name', 'value', {expires: 7});

Create cookie with path setting:

$.cookie('name', 'value', {path: '/'});

Create cookie with domain setting:

$.cookie('name', 'value', {domain: 'sub.example.org'});

Create cookie with secure setting:

$.cookie('name', 'value', {secure: true});

Create cookie with multiple settings:

$.cookie('name', 'value', {expires: 7, path: '/', domain: 'sub.example.org', secure: true});

Delete cookie:

$.cookie('name', null);


jQuery v. 1.4+


Released under the MIT license.

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