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ChatManager, introduced in PEX 1.13, offers reliable "out of the box" functionality of a conventional chat plugin like a iChat or HeroChat. ChatManager offers basic chat customization such as chat colours and prefixes/suffixes, as well as a per user/group message format and a ranged chat with global chat mode.

ChatManager now supports Multiverse fancy world aliases in chat!


ChatManager is disabled by default

To enable ChatManager after it is installed, you will need to edit the default config.yml in the ChatManager directory and set enable to true.

An example ChatManager config file:

enable: true
chat-range: 100.0
display-name-format: '%prefix%player%suffix'
global-message-format: <%prefix%player%suffix> &e%message
message-format: <%prefix%player%suffix> %message
ranged-mode: false

Configuration properties

Property Default Value Description
enable false Determines if ChatManager is enabled or not
ranged-mode false Enables Ranged Mode, a special mode in which chat messages have limited range. For more details look at the Ranged Mode section
chat-range 100 Amount of blocks in which a chat message can be heard. Only used if ranged mode is enabled
message-format <%prefix%player%suffix> %message Default message format. For placeholders look into Message Format Placeholders section.
global-message-format <%prefix%player%suffix> &e%message Message format for Global Messages. For more details, look at the Ranged Mode section.
**NOTE: If you remove the < and > from the lines for the messages, the new message format must be in quotes as YAML can not parse the % characters. For example, `<%prefix%player%suffix> &e%message` becomes `"%prefix%player%suffix &e%message"`**

User/Group options

It's also possible to specify user/group specific settings. For example, for only specific groups, you can enable Ranged Mode, change their chat range, or specify their message format. They are almost identical to Configuration properties. If not specified than values from configuration file would be used.

Option Description
force-ranged-mode Enables Ranged Mode for specific user/group.
chat-range Chat range for user/group, in blocks.
message-format Default message format
global-message-format Message format for global messages.


/pex group Admins set message-format "&4[admin] &f%player: %message"

This will set message-format for group Admins (and subgroups) only to &4[admin] &f%player: %message.

Permissions (top)

ChatManager also has a few permissions:

Permission Description Permission to send global messages when ranged mode enabled. Permission to use color codes in chat message. Example: Hi &5There! Permission to use the 'magic' &k color code in chat message. Example: &kWTF Permission to use the &l color code to embolden text. Example: &lBoldly going nowhere! Permission to use the &m color code to strikethrough text. Example: &mStrike Permission to use the &n color code to underline text. Example: &nThis text is underlined Permission to use the &o color code to italicize text. Example: &oEmphasised text
chatmanager.override.ranged Permission to override/ignore the ranged chat setting. If this is not explicitly disabled for groups that have * permissions, all chat messages will be sent globally (but will not be coloured as such)

Ranged Mode

ChatManager contains a Ranged Mode feature. When this mode is enabled, any message is limited by the specified range (default range is 100 blocks). What this means is that a message can be seen only if a player is with the specified range of the player who typed the message (think of someone who too far away to hear someone else talking).

ChatManager also includes a Global Message feature which requires a special permission ( node to use this ability. Global Messages are messages that are not limited by range.

To send a global message, you have to type the exclamation "!" mark (otherwise known as a bang) before the message text. Example: !Hi everyone, i have good news for you!.

Global Messages also have their own message format and are colured orange by default. Check global-message-format configuration property for details.

Message Format Placeholders (top)

These are the placeholders/server variables that PEX supports and assumes are available. If another plugin offers others, such as essentials nickname function (%displayname), they can be added to the config file.

Placeholder Description
%message Message text
%player Sender name
%prefix Sender prefix
%suffix Sender suffix
%world World the sender is in. If Multiverse is enabled, the colored alias of the world will be used.

Time placeholders

ChatManager also has time placeholders which are based on the php date() function. Note that only the time related placeholders are implemented.

Code Description
%H 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros: 00-23
%i Minutes with leading zeros: 00-59
%h 12-hour format of an hour with leading zeros: 01-12
%s Seconds, with leading zeros: 00-59
%G 24-hour format of an hour without leading zeros: 0-23
%a Lowercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem: am or pm
%g 12-hour format of an hour without leading zeros: 1-12
%A Uppercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem: AM or PM
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