Created: 2011-07-12 20:05
Updated: 2017-02-16 13:32



Chrysellia was a first attempt at the development of a reusable game engine in PHP. While the code and techniques here are somewhat outdated, it provides an interesting look at how one may build an efficient webgame.


  • Upload the contents os WebClient to root directory on server.
  • Upload Server directory (intact) into this directory.
  • Update /Server/Common/ to use your mysql credentials (and obivously, you'll need to create a mysql user, password, and database too.)
  • Run the MySQL files in /Server/Database/MySql/SQL Files in this order:
    • ChrysoliteEngine.sql
    • ./Content/default_channels.sql
    • ./Content/item_templates.sql
    • ./Content/item_template_equippables.sql
    • ./Content/item_template_socketables.sql
    • ./Content/maps.sql
    • ./Content/map_place_types.sql
    • ./Content/map_places.sql
    • ./Content/map_monsters.sql
    • ./Content/mastery_types.sql
    • ./Content/parlaor.sql
    • ./Content/races.sql
    • ./Content/races.sql
    • ./Content/race_default_items.sql
    • ./Content/race_default_masteries.sql
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