Created: 2011-07-12 18:22
Updated: 2013-09-28 19:46


Whitelist-Protected Controllers

Allows for the ability of the dev controllers to be accessible via IP "whitelist" only. Example usage: Only allowing people inside of an office-environment to access dev controllers.

Adding to the Whitelist

By default, and ::1 are whitelisted. To add more IPs, "extend" the config by adding the following to your local app.yml file:

  denied_url: '/'
    - ::1

Denied URL

There is also functionality for specifying a "denied URL". This is called when an IP not whitelisted attempts to hit a controller you've created.

Creating a Controller

Run the following task, replacing the application, env and debug options as needed:

./symfony generate:controller --application=myApplication --env=myEnvironment --debug=debugTrueOrFalse

Note: the generateController task will default to the following:

  • application: frontend
  • env: dev
  • debug: true
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