Created: 2011-07-12 16:48
Updated: 2017-06-16 02:08

Videoplaza Poker Bot Tournament

Teach your computer to play poker against other computers!

Getting started

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Edit to do something clever in the play method. Inspect the Game and Player arguments given to find out about the current state of the game. Don not forget to choose name and picture for your bot.
  3. Run as a JUnit test to run a couple of tournaments and see how well your bot does.
  4. Repeat step 2-3 until it is time for competition.
  5. Run as a Java application
  6. Give your hostname or IP-address to the person running the tournament and sit back.

Competition time!

To run a tournament, start by editing table.txt to include URLs of all the participating bots (default is http://<ip>:8084/bot/). Then run as a Java application.

Hook up a screen that everyone can watch (as well as some speakers if you are on a Mac). Go to http://localhost:8080/files/index.htm

Go to the administration web page at http://localhost:8080/ (on another screen), click "load_conf" and then "start_game". You can also change the pace of the tournament and raise the blinds using this page.

Technical details / Do I have to use Java?

The only requirement of a bot is to respond to HTTP POST requests with a single plain text line containing a space separated integer (your bet) and a message. The game state information will be in the post body as JSON. That being said, it is probably faster to get started with Java or Jython (see PokerServer/src-jython/pokerbot/


The poker tournament software was started as a little side project by some Videoplaza ( employees in 2011. It is provided as is, but if you make something cool please send us a pull request!

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