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Progstr.Log is a service that collects and manages programmer log entries in the cloud. Most web applications log errors and special external events generated by users or third party systems. Progstr.Log takes away the pain of complex logging system configurations, provides a centralized location for all your log entries and helps you analyze the data you've collected over time. progstr-js is the JavaScript client library that collects log entries and transports them to Progstr data store.


  • Sign up for Progstr.Log and obtain an API token. That token is used to identify you against the service.
  • Include the progstr.js script on your page by refering it from the server:
<script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>
  • Configure the API token by setting the Progstr.apiToken property in a script block:
<script type="text/javascript">
  Progstr.apiToken = "6f413b64-a8e1-4e25-b9e6-d83acf26ccba"

#Getting started

There are four log severity levels that you can use to log events of different importance:

  • Info: used to log general information events that can be used for reference or troubleshooting if needed.
  • Warning: something odd happened and somebody needs to know about it.
  • Error: something failed and needs to be fixed.
  • Fatal: the entire application or a critical part of it is not working at all.

To log an event you need to obtain a logger object and call some of its info/warning/error/fatal methods.

var logger = Progstr.logger("js.demo.source")
..."Loading page: " + window.location.href)
logger.warning("User not found.")
logger.error("Operation failed.")
logger.fatal("Could not connect to server.")

Supported browsers

  • All major browsers out there.


Available online here.

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