Created: 2011-07-12 14:06
Updated: 2018-05-21 03:04


Protect your chests. Type command and open chest. Type the same command again to stop selecting.


/cset - Lock the chest and sets you as owner - only you can open or destroy it ( You can use subcommand "public" to set you as owner, but everyone can open it. )

/cunset - Removes protection of chest

/crset - Sets region share on chest - everyone who can build in region can open chest, they can't destroy it

/cpset - Sets chest public - everyone can open it, but they can't destroy it

/clock password - Sets password on chest - you can use /clock remove to disable password

/ccset - Stops selecting of chest

/cunlock password - Unlocks and open chest

/crefill - Sets chest to refill - /crefill remove to disable refill


Everyone can use /cunlock command.

protectchest - standard permission for players - can protect its own chests

openallchests - permission for admins - can open even protected chests, can't destroy them

removechestprotection - permission for admins - can remove chests protections

showchestinfo - permission for admins - gets info about opened chest

refillchest - permission for admins - can set chests to refill


  • timed access - give player permission to open chest based on time and/or number of accesses
  • integration with TShock user system
  • use another format than txt files - use TShock DB?
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