Created: 2011-07-12 10:55
Updated: 2017-10-30 20:34


~$ git clone git:// ~/Administració/dotfiles

Create symlinks:

~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/bashrc ~/.bashrc
~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/zshrc ~/.zshrc
~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/vim ~/.vim
~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/vimrc ~/.vimrc
~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/rvmrc ~/.rvmrc
~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/gemrc ~/.gemrc
~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/bin/jobs/backup/backup-mgr.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/backup-mgr.desktop


a) In order to add support for autotest in ruby projects:
	~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/autotest ~/.autotest
b) In order to start/stop mongodb instances when developing rails projects:
	~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/rvm/after_cd_mongodb ~/.rvm/hooks/after_cd_mongodb
	~$ ln -s ~/Administració/dotfiles/rvm/after_use_mongodb ~/.rvm/hooks/after_use_mongodb

Fetch submodules:

~$ cd ~/Administració/dotfiles
~/Administració/dotfiles$ git submodule init
~/Administració/dotfiles$ git submodule update

Upgrading all bundled plugins:

~$ cd ~/Administració/dotfiles
~/Administració/dotfiles$ git submodule foreach git pull origin master


1) Remember to copy gitconfig file in ~/Administració/dotfiles after installation
2) Symlink ~/.gitconfig to ~/Administració/dotfiles/gitconfig

3) Installing a new vim bundle:

	3.1) ~/Administració/dotfiles$ git checkout -b dotfiles-updt
	3.2) ~/Administració/dotfiles$ git submodule add vim/bundle/new-bundle
	3.3) Add line "ignore = dirty" to submodule in ~/Administració/dotfiles/.gitmodules
	3.4) Add line "Bundle 'user/new-bundle'" to ~/Administració/dotfiles/vimrc
	3.5) ~/Administració/dotfiles$ git add .
	3.6) ~/Administració/dotfiles$ git commit -m "installed vim new-bundle bundle as a submodule"
	3.7) ~/Administració/dotfiles$ git checkout master
	3.8) ~/Administració/dotfiles$ git merge dotfiles-updt
	3.9) ~/Administració/dotfiles$ git branch -d dotfiles-updt
	3.10) ~/Administració/dotfiles$ git push


1) Synchronizing plugins with git submodules and pathogen
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