Created: 2011-07-12 10:03
Updated: 2019-01-23 13:48

dotvimmy - small configuration for productive work in vim

Install or Update

$ curl -sLo- | bash

Note: This will override your existing vim setup!


All deployed versions and old configurations are stored at ~/.vimmy.


Colorscheme - gruvbox

Colorscheme preview

fixed bug with pasting code with comments from outside
tab replaced with 2 spaces
disabled swap files write
removing trailing whitespaces on file save
reload file on the fly
toggle zoom window by <F5> | <F6> buttons
support 8-color terminals
current line highlight
show tabs and trailing whitespaces
disable arrows, home and end buttons
and so on.. for more info take a look at vimrc file ;)

Version 1.9.9 (08/Nov/2017)

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