Created: 2011-07-12 09:09
Updated: 2019-03-01 09:10

Node Bindings for Hadoop Hive


npm install node-hive


hive = require('node-hive').for({ server:"hive.myserver" });

hive.fetch("SELECT * FROM my_table", function(err, data) {
  data.each(function(record) {

Hive instances currently support the following functions

hive.fetch(query, callback);
hive.fetchInBatch(batchSize, query, callback);
hive.execute(query, [callback]);

Query callbacks receive two arguments...

  • error which is true if there was an error
  • result which is either a ResultSet or an error message depending on the state of error

The result of a query is returned as a ResultSet which wraps the results with some convenience functions...

  • result.rows - The original string based rows returned by thrift.
  • result.schema - The schema returned from hive.
  • result.each(callback) - Iterate through rows converting them to friendly JS objects.
  • result.headers() - An Array of the column headers.
  • result.toTSV(headers=false) - produce a TSV version of the whole ResultSet.

See the examples folder for some more usage hints.


The Hive Thrift Server currently only supports one blocking query at a time. Due to the Async model of node we want to be able to run several queries at once, for this to work we create a new connection for each query to run in and then close it when the query is completed. There is currently no support for connection pooling as most users run a small number of long running hive queries but pooling should be possible if and when it's needed.


Thrift module has been cloned from

nodejs bindinga are generated from hive 0.6.1 CDH3B4

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