Created: 2011-07-12 06:44
Updated: 2014-03-13 04:55
License: other

======================================================================== Agda compiler backend to Ruby

This is a bunch of hack edits over a couple of days to the Agda Javascript backend written by Alan Jeffrey.


  • Agda modules are compiled to Ruby modules.
  • All arguments are curried.
  • You can store and pass around "Agda" values/constructors/etc, and then "realize" the values in Ruby by calling the final value with its realizer constant (e.g. NAT, VEC, etc.)


To compile Agda code to Javascript, use --js on the master branch. To compile to Ruby instead, switch to the ruby branch and use the --js flag (easy to change this to --rb, but was useful in development to quickly compare Javascript and Ruby output).

Use Case

Assuming a completed/fully functioning backend, it would be nice for Ruby shops to be able to reuse existing code that would be too much trouble to rewrite (authentication/client libaries, etc). Also a project like Lemmachine could be ported to Ruby's Rack interface, allowing one to easily deploy to many different Ruby hosting providers (Engine Yard, Heroku, etc).

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