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Updated: 2015-08-14 03:18
License: mit

#Bicubic Framework PHP A simple and efficient MVC framework written in PHP for PostgreSQL, or similar DB. The files are ready to initialize a new project.

##Directory Structure

  • app: Application classes.
  • assets: javascript, css, and images files.
  • beans: DataObject classes.
  • data: TransationManager classes.
  • lang: language files.
  • lib: library files.
  • nav: Navigation classes.
  • templates: templates files for applications.
  • views: views files for navigations.
  • config.php: editable configuration file.
  • factory.php: editable file with application mappings.
  • index.php: non editable init file.

##Beans params

  • name: name of field.
  • lang: lang key for display name.
  • type: type of field, a value from PropertyTypes.
  • require: indicates if the field is required for complete purpuses.
  • default: indicates a default value in case of null.
  • serializable: indicates that the property is going to be stored.
  • index: indicates that a btree index needs to be created for this field.
  • reference: indicates the name of another bean this property is referencing to.
  • updatenull: if true, a null value on the field should override any existing value, if false, the stored value should not be changed.
  • hidden: if true, this field should not be shown in forms.
  • private: if true, this field should not be present in forms nor manipulated by clients.
  • unique: if true, the value of the field must be unique.
  • table: if true the field is shown in automatic tables.

##Updating framework files Only update the following files:

  • assets/bicubic/
  • lib/bicubic/
  • views/bicubic/
  • index.php
  • Check any aditional params in config.sample.php
  • Check any aditional folders in lib/.

##Scripts ###Creates or updates database

php index.php app=script nav=db 

###Outputs code to create or update database

php index.php app=script nav=data 

###Outputs an encoded password

php index.php app=script nav=password password=MYPASSWORD

###Generates and updates language files For this command to work all language references from PHP code must use single quotation.

php index.php app=script nav=lang
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