Created: 2011-07-11 22:11
Updated: 2014-07-07 18:32



  • PSZoomView needs some work with orientation and zoom levels
  • Finish coding 'write a comment' feature
  • Logging out on another client causes oauth failure which causes crash
  • Searching/Filtering scroll performance is bad, find a way to unload the tableview underneath it
  • LOGOUT crashes


  • Logout needs some love (DONE)
  • Logging in / Serializing Progress Indicator (DONE)
  • Memory scrub (DONE)
  • Cyclical memcache/buffer for imageCache (DONE)
  • Launch album since call failing causes a logout in bad state (DONE)
  • If an album image is cached, since call will not trigger cache reset on album img (DONE)
  • convert defaultCenter singletons into local static variables (DONE)
  • search keyword delimmiters (DONE)
  • in photo view, allow searching for tagged friends (DONE)
  • add tagged people parsing in json (DONE)
  • On login, need to fetch and compare to find new friends, and get their albums


  • Global AlertCenter
  • More view controller, move logout here
  • Search view controller (DEPRECATED)


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