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Updated: 2017-12-15 13:54
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GeoNetwork Manager

geonetwork-manager is a Java library to interact with GeoNetwork Opensource. Its aim is to provide a simple Java interface to create, delete, administer the catalog entries programmatically.

Since version 1.4 (currently on the master branch) geonetwork-manager is also compatible with GeoNetwork v3.0.x. Compatibility with GN2.6 and GN2.8 has been restored as well.

The currently supported operations are:

  • insert metadata
  • search metadata
  • retrieve metadata
  • update metadata
  • delete metadata
  • change metadata permissions


The latest version (1.4) supports GN2.6, GN2.8, GN2.10 and GN3.

Version 1.3 moved compatibility from the older GN2.6 and GN2.8 to GN2.10, which introduced a new authorization mechanism and some differences in the services URLs. If you need to talk to a GN2.10, you'd better use the newer 1.4 version.

Version 1.2 supported GN2.6 and GN2.8.

Using the library

In order to use the geonetwork-manager library you can add it as a dependency in your maven project:


using the GeoSolutions maven repository:

        <name>GeoSolutions Repository</name>

If you need, you can download the .jar files for any available version from here.

Doc and examples

Follow the wiki instructions to add geonetwork-manager as a dependency in your project and see some code usage examples.

Mailing list for users

The mailing list for the project is located here:


GeoNetwork-Manager is open source and licensed under the MIT License.

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